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What does that discounted apartment really cost?

Apartment complexes like to give away a month or two on a lease and then advertise a rental rate that reflects a discount incorporating these free chunks of time. Saving money is great, but when those "free months" are up, you'll be faced with a monthly bill that may be a lot more than you expected.

Since 58% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, I suspect many of us don't sit around planning on paying our rent in yearlong timelines. Many of us may be unable to handle rent going up even a hundred bucks above an enticing, lower, and misleading number, even though we swore we could manage it.

Avoid a nasty surprise and use the calculator below. If you found this useful, consider donating to me via Paypal (but save money for rent!):

Type in the promotional monthly rental rate:

Type in the lease length in months:

Type in the duration in months (half-month increments are possible) of the promotional deal:

Click the button to calculate the real rent:

The real rent cost per month is:

You can verify the results by: ((Real rent monthly cost X lease duration) — real rent monthly cost) / lease duration. The result should equal the promotional monthly rate.

Again, if you found this useful, consider donating to me via Paypal: